Free health quote widget for your blog!

Embed this signature collection of 450+ health quotes in your site. Use the below code snippet in your code to instantly display the health quote widget in your site/blog.

Unlike other embeddable widgets, we do not include a link in the widget back to our site. This makes it good for your SEO.

HTML code for embedding this widget in your site/blog
<p id=”health-quote”></p><script src=””></script><br/>

Embedding in WordPress
You can create a “text” widget in the preferred widget area and copy the code given above. Save and load your website/blog. That’s it!

Contact us in case you are having difficulty embedding this into your site/blog and we would be glad to help you out. With some basic CSS applied to the ‘p’ & ‘blockquote’ elements, you can transform this widget to different levels of customization and appearance. However, currently we do not provide support in this aspect.