Infographics – Antioxidant Superfoods (Fruits)

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Refer below infographic for the Antioxidant superfoods (Fruits) that can help you prevent or fight many degenerative diseases including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Read on to understand what are free radicals and how to eliminate them from your body. For a printable HD version of this infographic, subscribe to our newsletter!   Free radicals are unstable molecules formed inside our body due [...]

Argan Oil – The miracle oil of Hollywood superstars

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For centuries, the Berber tribe in Morocco have been using this wonder oil for healing and cosmetic applications. The Berber women were popularly known for their youthful skin and amazing hair. In recent times, the cosmetics industry has embraced Argan oil for use in their products that claim healthy skin, hair and nails. With twice the amount of Vitamin E as compared to the [...]